“Specialize in Processing Agricultural Products. Make Ten Billion Enterprise. Become Beef Jerky Industry Giant!”

By inheriting Chinese traditional crafts and incorporating contemporary scientific and technological achievements, Greenfull Group has developed into one of the largest beef jerky producers in China. At present, the group has launched a “Greenfull Beef Jerky” series, “Farmer with Sea” series, “Greenfull Marinated” series, “Greenfull Pulled Beef” series, “Greenfull Diced Beef” series, “Greenfull Sauced Meat Shop” series, “Greenfull Marinated Duck Tongue” series, and “Greenfull Rousong” series with hundred kinds of different products. In addition, the latest products of “Steamed Beef in Sauced Meat Shop” series and “Steamed Duck Tongue in Sauced Meat Shop” have made the Greenfull product bank more vitalized to satisfy consumers with different tastes.

At present, Greenfull Group has more than 20, 000 retailing stores across China, covering 20 provinces and more than 100 cities. The sales volume has been doubled annually since 2001.

Greenfull Group Memorabilia:

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